Foundation Bye Sida

Proposition of a logo for the Bye Sida Foundation, whose mission is to fight HIV/HIV and homophobia. 
The symbol shows the fusion between a hand (hello-farewell) and a flying bird (the dove of peace), with the intention of conveying the idea that a person with AIDS can make a normal life, is free and has nothing to chain him. Can enjoy life like anyone else free of the disease. 
In some designs the two birds (pigeons) – hand kiss, that of the person infected with AIDS (appears in red) and that of the person without the disease (in blue), to convey the idea of normalcy. There’s nothing wrong with kissing, approaching, greeting someone with HIV. 
The result is a a simple, different logo, very visible and effective, something the foundation was looking for when it comes to communicating.


Foundation Bye Sida

Graphic designer

Elisabet Sánchez Boix