Design proposal and development of the graphic and visual universe neiJe. A brand of natural French nutricosmetics that helps young mama’s recover during the postpartum period (6 weeks). Offering three products for simultaneous or individual use, depending on the needs of the young mother. The goal is to help her in this particular period by offering bio and high quality products.
Creation of a clean, modern, elegant, geometric and attractive image. Where the three cycles (energy, well – being and beauty) coexist in perfect harmony. The use of color reinforces its significance. And the use of a representative icon (which appeals to one of its ingredients) reinforces the natural value of the product.
Development and execution of tags. From sketch and idea, to illustration, through photography and 3D, with the aim of giving realism to a project that is about to begin. The result I couldn’t like it anymore.



Graphic designer & Photographer

Elisabet Sanchez Boix